About me

Wouter Vermeire born in 1985 and better known as Config is a Belgian dj who was already fashioned by music at very young age. Being a little kid, he was already interested in very melodic tracks and it wasn't a surprise that Robert Miles - Children was a track he always remembered from his childhood. It was a first sign that Config wouldn't be the kid with the usual taste in popular music. No, he was interested in a kind of music that went deeper and moved people.

He grew up in times where Trance was still played on the radio and without any doubt this has affected the way he's still playing his music now. During the last years Config crossed many styles of music. The first style he really got interested in was Progressive Trance and Progressive House, during the period when Sultan, Matthew Dekay, Sasha, and many others had their great days. But as the time went by he slowly moved on to the more energetic kind of melodic music, Trance.

The way trancetracks could move him and touch his snares was something he really enjoyed. Great euphoric feelings that caused so many emotions; it were great times to listen to Trance. Therefor, it wasn't a surprise his first dj sets were mostly tranceminded.

However, in 2006 Config was getting a little fed up by the sound in the world of trance.. The tracks lost the touch they had years before, and to him it felt too generic, too artificial. During 2006 his sets were mostly crossover sets from progressive to trance, with progressive slowly taking over.

In 2007 Config decided to leave trance behind and totally focus on Progressive again, his biggest love. From there on he varied from playing House to even Techno, still with 'melody' as the most important aspect in his sets. He also started making mashups with his favourite tracks, which resulted in some support by some of the most famous dj's in the scene, like James Zabiela and DJ Orkidea.

In the beginning of 2011 Config decided to team up with J.E.O.F. and form their new alias 'Guess What?'. The duo stands for great house, fully blended with special Guess What?-edits and mashups, giving every single set they play a unique edge; Party Time garantueed! After only being founded for a short amount of time Guess What? got book for a set in Culture Club, Ghent. The start of a very promising duo has been HUGE!

But do not worry, the Config spirit is also still alive and to be found in every Config-set you will hear!

Near the end of 2013 Config, P.O.W. and J.E.O.F teamed up to form their production alias 'Wild Guess'. A big year later in 2014 on the 31st of March their first track was released on Green Martian! With many more tracks coming up Wild Guess is looking forward to get discovered by the audience in the scene.

Config is currently having 2 monthly radioshows, Crossing Borderlines, where he's playing his most trancy sets, on and Inner Sanctuary, his 2 hour full on progressive show at

In july 2010 Config started a third show. This time a weekly radioshow on saturday, 18h CET - 19h CET, at Topradio Aalter, 104,7 FM, also called Crossing Borderlines, a bit of a mashup of Inner Sanctuary and Crossing Borderlines on AH.FM in one weekly set. Check out

Starting from October Config is also having a radioshow on Bhotradio. His weekly radioset at Top Aalter will be replayed on this station.