In 2007 Config decided it was time to put some more creativity in his sets. A day after he started experimenting in Ableton his first mashup was born. It wasn't the usual mashup, but it was more of a mashup remix, with a strong Config touch on it. New parts were made, vocals were cut to pieces and glued together again..

His first mashup, Perry O'Neil vs Marscruiser - Not Alone In This Bass Society (Config's No Choice Mashup), immediately received support from Koris vs DJule, Milan Lieskovsky and many others, but in the summer of 2007 he had a real blast when his newest mashup Deadmau5 vs Yilmaz Altanhan - Faxing Eighties (Config's Encrypted Mashup) was played by James Zabiela, and was selected to be in his August Promo mix. Lots of support followed and slowly Config was getting a little bit of his fame also.

Config Releases

* Config - Blind My Mind EP - OLD SQL Recordings - 26/05/2015 -Buy it on Beatport
* Jakhira - Be As One (Config's Twisted Reality) - Bonzai Progressive - 28/09/2015 -Buy it on Beatport
* Mathov - Insane (Config's Encrypted Reality) - Bonzai Progressive - 04/01/2016 -Buy it on Beatport
* Tomin Tomovic - Immerse Into The Beauty Of Nature (Config's Alternative Reality Mix) - Stellar Fountain Deep - 09/05/2016 -Buy it on Beatport
* Jadeck & Margolin - Whirlpool (Config & Stemvork Remix) - Green Martian - 11/07/2016 -Buy it on Beatport

Wild Guess Releases

* Wild Guess - Nebulae (Including Jakhira Remix) - Green Martian - 31/03/2014 -Buy it on Beatport
* Digital Department feat. Cara Leigh - You Put A Spell (Wild Guess 'Incantation' Mix) - Green Martian - 07/07/2014 -Buy it on Beatport
* Mendexx - Life Begins (Wild Guess' Life In Space Remix) - Bonzai Progressive - 01/12/2014 -Buy it on Beatport
* Jakhira - Lingala (Wild Guess' Lingua Franca) - Bonzai Progressive - 23/03/2015 -Buy it on Beatport
* Wild Guess - Trysal 35 (Including Jakhira and Yuriy From Russia Remixes) - Green Martian - 06/04/2015 -Buy it on Beatport
* Wild Guess - Falling (Including Onez!e and Jakhira Remixes) - Stellar Fountain Deep - 20/06/2016 -Buy it on Beatport


In chronological order:

Perry O'Neil vs Marscruiser - Not Alone In This Bass Society (Config's No Choice Mashup)
Cosmic Gate vs 16 Bit Lolitas - Should Be Neptune (Config Mashup)
Deadmau5 vs Yilmaz Altanhan - Faxing Eighties (Config's Encrypted Mashup)
Deadmau5 vs 16 Bit Lolita's - Not Exactly Pluto (Config's Funk Up)
Thomas Schwartz vs Rio Addicts - Calling The Distance (Config's Encrypted Mashup)
John Dahlback vs Butch - Blink The Mushroom (Config's Mash+1Up)
Andy Duguid feat. Leah vs Gui Boratto - Wasted Life (Config's Intro Mashup)
16 Bit Lolitas vs Ladytron - Destroy Every Murder Weapon (Config Mashup)
Kollektiv Turmstrasse vs. Jamie Woon - Night Luechtoorn (Config's Encrypted Mashup) 2011